Bathroom remodeling progress

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Bathroom remodeling progress

Postby SPANKY79 » Sat Jan 21, 2023 9:44 am

I own week 14 1502 will it be available in 2023 or under construction? Also it would be nice to be informed of progress this long awaited project is making.
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Re: Bathroom remodeling progress

Postby suzeq » Sat Jan 21, 2023 1:26 pm

The weekly member's meeting minutes addresses this. They are working on the 01 stacks but timing is based on the weekly population. I think the notes said there would be a slight break before starting the next stack of rooms due to high season. Since you are in the 02 group it may very well be done before you arrive. The resort is very good about contacting you and relocating you to a different room if needed but, it would be unfair to expect them to give you several months notice. They are going by the contractor's schedule. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time wherever you are located but you might just hit it right with the timing!!
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Re: Bathroom remodeling progress

Postby sharonlacey » Sat Jan 21, 2023 1:34 pm

We own room 1220 that unit has the old remodeled bathroom. They will remodel this one also, I assume. Anyone that has that unit know of anything different? Thanks!
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Re: Bathroom remodeling progress

Postby Flibrandy » Mon Mar 13, 2023 11:11 am

Does anyone know where the bathroom remodeling project is now? I will be there in room 1508 weeks 18,19,20 and 21 . Can someone please give me an update
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Re: Bathroom remodeling progress

Postby S Alexander » Mon Mar 13, 2023 1:47 pm

I am at CDM now, with regard to unit 1220, at this point of time the unit is the same and I understand that it will be done when the 20 stack of rooms will be done. With regard to unit 1508, they are just going to get started on the 02 stack of rooms, so I doubt that they will be up to your unit when you arrive.

I suggest you check with Bob Curtis as your time gets closer.

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S Alexander
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Re: Bathroom remodeling progress

Postby pamnpaul » Mon Mar 13, 2023 2:14 pm

I own unit 1502 week 18 and I was notified in the beginning of February that my unit will be worked on during my stay. They told me I would get my relocated room number in advance of arrival. I was hoping it would be done by the time I arrived, but no suck luck!
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Re: Bathroom remodeling progress

Postby linda » Tue May 02, 2023 11:30 am

i own week 44 and 45 in 1204 will my bathrooms be done in 2023
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Re: Bathroom remodeling progress

Postby GenoKoehler » Wed May 03, 2023 2:57 am

They are on the 02 stack now, 6-8 weeks per stack based on availability. Stay up to date on progress in the weekly meeting minutes
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Re: Bathroom remodeling progress

Postby linda » Wed May 03, 2023 11:24 am

so if my dates are right 8 weeks each my bathroom should be done in october?
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