Cell Phone carriers and plans

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Cell Phone carriers and plans

Postby KenK » Fri Jan 24, 2020 11:51 pm

I have been using Digicel for several years. I have a Digicel sim card and I via the web top up minutes as needed.
One thing I don't like about digicel is they have a Air time expire date. For example you could
have plenty of credit left but your airtime expires tomorrow you could loose all the remaining credit.
You have to add more credit to your existing credit just to push the airtime expire date out.
In the past I would email digicel and tell them my next visit and they would extend my airtime out past
that date allowing me to not loose the remaining credit. This was a nice service. However I contacted
them before my airtime expires to tell them about a March visit and they said they could
no longer extend the airtime and told me I would once a month have to add more credit
to keep the sim card active. This becomes an endless loop to the point when you do visit
you could never use all your credit and then once again your trapped into adding more
credit. If I let my sim card expire I would have to get a new sim card which I think
has a fee to it plus another fee for the credit minutes. I don't remember if just buying
the sim card automatically gives you credit towards airtime.

Would anyone know of an alternative method that would be more cost effective?

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